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Frequently Asked Questions

Pregnancy Questions

What medications are safe during pregnancy?

Do not take any drugs or medicines while pregnant unless we approve of them first. Below are some common pregnancy complaints, medications that are safe to take when needed, and tips for coping with each problem.

  • Indigestion: Tums, Maalox, Mylanta, Rolaids. Eat smaller, more frequent meals, do not lay down right after a meal, and avoid irritating foods.
  • Constipation: Metamucil, Fibercon, Colace, Milk of Magnesia. Increase fiber in your diet (green vegetables, fresh/dry fruits, salads). Increase fluid intake.
  • Hemorrhoids: Warm baths, Tucks pads, Preparation H. Try to keep bowel movements soft and avoid straining. Sitz bath 2 or 3 times daily helps with symptoms.
  • Headaches: Tylenol (if needed). Make sure to get enough rest and rest breaks during long work days. Avoid aspirin, Motrin, Ibuprofen, and all NSAIDs in general.
  • Colds, Congestion, Flu-like Symptoms: Tylenol (fever, body aches), Sudafed (congestion), Robitussin (cough), Mucinex (expectorant). It is important to get plenty of rest and increase fluid intake when you are ill. A persistent fever or a cough that produces green mucus needs to be evaluated, so call the office. Do not use any antihistamines.
  • Nausea/Vomiting: Altering your diet is helpful: crackers, toast, or pretzels are usually effective. Ginger ale soothes the stomach. If not relieved by these techniques, schedule an appointment for evaluation.

Can I eat fish if I’m pregnant?

Everyone knows that fish is a healthy source of protein, especially for pregnant women. Recently, however, the EPA and FDA have issued an advisory regarding certain types of fish. These fish may contain chemicals that would be hazardous.

For fish, shellfish, or turtles caught in local waters, the EPA and FDA recommend that pregnant women, nursing mothers, or women who may become pregnant not eat more than 6 ounces (cooked weight) a week. Young children should not eat more than 2 ounces (cooked weight) a week.

For fish purchased from a store or restaurant, the EPA and FDA recommend that young children, pregnant women, nursing mothers, or women who may become pregnant not eat shark, swordfish, king mackerel, or tilefish. For other fish purchased from a store or restaurant, pregnant women and women who may become pregnant can safely eat up to 12 ounces (cooked weight) per week.

For more information you can contact the Broward County Health Department or visit www.epa.gov/ost/fish.

What if I need dental care during pregnancy?

There are very few restrictions on what your dentist may do during your pregnancy. If you require antibiotics for a dental procedure or problem, penicillin, cephalosporin, and erythromycin are safe. For pain medication, Tylenol and narcotics such as codeine are acceptable. Local anesthesia is safe, although we recommend against the use of epinephrine mixed with the anesthetic.

If X-rays are absolutely necessary, they should be delayed until after the end of the first trimester (13 weeks) if possible. Your abdomen should be carefully shielded with a lead apron or blanket during the X-ray.

What if I go into labor during a hurricane?

If a HURRICANE WARNING is issued for our area, pregnant patients within 4 weeks of their due date, and those earlier in pregnancy who are at risk for pre-term birth, are instructed to go to Plantation General Hospital for the duration of the storm.

If our office is open when a HURRICANE WARNING is issued, we will immediately begin making preparations to close so that our employees can go home and get their homes ready for the storm while it is safe. At that time, we will stop seeing patients and answering our phones. The office will remain closed until it is safe to open after the storm. If there is a power failure, our voice mail system will not function.

If there is a HURRICANE WARNING in effect at the time our office is scheduled to open, we will not open the office and our phones will remain answered by our voice mail system.

For more information about hospital facilities and preparation for a hurricane you may call the hospital hurricane information line 954-321-4000
or  visit the hospital website: www.plantationgeneral.com/patients/hurricane-information.dot

What if I can’t reach the office because the power is out?

If there is a power failure, our voice mail system will stop functioning. Under those circumstances, the Plantation General Hospital labor and delivery room and emergency room will be able to reach us. If our voice mail system is not working, you should go to Plantation General Hospital for urgent care.

Gynecology Questions

Birth control: What if I missed my pill?

If you miss a pill, take it as soon as you remember, even if it is in the middle of the night. Then take the next pill at the correct time. If you miss a pill by a whole day, take both the missed pill and today’s pill together. This frequently causes some nausea. Missing more than one pill in the same pack will dramatically reduce the effectiveness of the pill. Missing pills or taking them late reduces the effectiveness and can cause breakthrough bleeding.

What is pelvic floor rehab and am I a candidate?

Pelvic floor rehabilitation is a non-surgical method of retraining the muscles that help control bowel and bladder function. During a series of visits, we will test your pelvic floor muscles and prescribe exercises for you to do at each visit and at home. We may also perform muscle stimulation.

We find that 75-80% of patients with loss of bladder control will achieve significant improvement or cure with this type of therapy. Ask your doctor if you may be a candidate for this treatment.


There are many causes of vaginal bleeding.  Please call the office to discuss your individual situation.

General Questions

What insurance plans do you accept?

At Westside OB/GYN Group, we accept most major commercial insurance plans. We do not, however, participate with Medicare or Medicaid. Please contact your insurance company or you may call our office at (954) 473-2011 to find out if we accept your insurance plan. 

If your insurance plan requires you to pay a copay, coinsurance, and/or a deductible, you will need to pay at the time of your visit. For your convenience we accept cash, checks, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. 

If you have a question related to your bill or insurance, please contact our billing specialists (954) 473-2011.

What if I need a referral?

If one of our doctors suggests a specialist evaluation or diagnostic testing that requires a referral, we will make every effort to provide this for you as soon as possible. Some referrals require insurance preauthorization and cannot be processed immediately. Insurance guidelines prohibit us from backdating referrals. We require three business days for the processing of routine referrals.

What hospitals are you affiliated with?

Doctors at Westside OB/GYN have hospital or surgery center affiliations with:

  • Plantation General Hospital
  • Westside Regional Medical Center
  • Outpatient Surgical Services

How do I refill a prescription?

Prescriptions and refills for established patients of Westside OB/GYN Group are routinely issued during our regular phone hours. You can make your request by calling our office at (954) 473-2011. No refills are issued during the evenings, weekends, or holidays, as the doctors do not have access to your medical records during those times. It is helpful to anticipate your refill needs to avoid an interruption in your medication therapy.